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04 July 2012 @ 04:07 pm
ed sheeran. june 30, 2012. miles davis hall, montreux, switzerland.  
venue: 5/5
setlist: 5/5
crowd: 3/5
overall: 5/5
Ed Sheeran

woah. so, i've been to a lot of extremely good shows over the past eight years, but this one was really something else. here's the awesome and probably unique setlist (80 minutes):

give me love
grade 8
wayfaring stranger (cover)
small bump
be my husband (cover)
kiss me
lego house
the parting glass
the a team

you need me, i don't need you (with interludes including move onin da club, and red)

the most amazing thing about ed's performances is definitely the fact that he is all alone on the stage, but he totally owns it and captivates the audience effortlessly (okay, in montreux there was this one (very pissed) guy who kept yelling nandos (really though? nandos?)).

also, i think he enjoyed the fact that this was a seated gig (according to ed, his first one in two years!) and took the opportunity to play some slower, more stripped down tunes. additionally, because this was at a jazz festival, he covered nina simone's be my husband (and it was funny and amazing to hear him declare he'll be someone's wife (as he didn't change one thing in the lyrics), haha). amazeballs. 

before he played kiss me, ed told the heartwarming story of how this song came to be: he wrote it for the wedding of his godparents who had been the best of friends for all their lives, but only got together after years and years of other relationships and failed marriages. they then asked ed to play at their wedding, and could he please play a love song. he agreed but also realized that all his songs were about dead birds or weird shit like that, so he decided to write kiss me. the moral of the story is that if you're in love with your best friend, don't worry, you'll eventually end up marrying them (his words, not mine) (and no, this did not make me think of the fact that this is harry and louis' favorite ed song. no, never. no. no. definitely not.) 

other stand out moments were the acapella part of wayfaring stranger, and the whole of you need me, which got him a standing ovation that lasted upwards of ten minutes. yeah. the funny part is, i never actually listen to the studio versions of these two songs. huh.

after ed, it was chris cornell's turn, but i had to leave in order to catch the last train home after about three songs (and i wasn't too sad about it either, i really kind of dislike his voice), as did a lot of other folks at the show as the venue emptied considerably after ed's set. i finally got home at three a.m., only to sleep a few hours and then board yet another train to go to the openair in st. gallen. at the other side of the country. yeah. maybe i'll write up a little bit about that, too, but later.

more singing, less screaming & the world will be a much happier place!
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